Which county jobs are leaving?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says there are nearly 1.2 million counties in the United States, representing nearly one-third of all US counties.

And that’s just in 2016.

But which counties are leaving the workforce the fastest?

Here’s how they fared in the past year.

King County, Washington.

(Courtesy: KING COUNTY)King County’s unemployment rate has risen since March, to 10.7%.

The county has a population of just over 3.5 million, according to county officials.

That means there are about 825,000 workers in the county, or roughly one-fifth of all county workers.

But the county is losing about 3,400 people every day, the most in the state, according the BLS.

That’s the slowest rate in the nation, according data from the National Association of Counties.

In the past three years, counties with the highest rate of workers leaving the labor force have been counties in California and Oregon.

King has had some of the worst unemployment in the country, and its county jobless rate has more than doubled since March.

That’s a little more than two percentage points higher than the national rate.

In 2016, the county’s unemployment was 7.3%.

But the county has seen some positive developments since then.

King County saw its unemployment rate fall to 3.8% in September, and the county added a job in the month of November.

But King County also had the highest unemployment rate in Washington State in 2016, at 12.4%.

It was followed by Spokane, Spokane, Tacoma, and Pierce counties with unemployment rates of 9.3% and 10.3%, respectively.

King also had one of the highest rates of workers with a jobless check in the entire state of Washington in 2016: 3.6%.

The county has struggled to find qualified workers for a variety of positions, but King County’s jobless rates are the lowest in the city of Seattle, which has a metro area of more than 6 million people.

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