‘My boss is looking for an assistant’: L.A. business owner shares job details

The name of the person looking for a virtual assistant job is “L.A.-based,” the name of a local business owner said on a job listing for a position that pays $14.50 an hour.

The person, who is looking to work at an agency or a non-profit, listed a phone number and a email address.

The person, whose identity is protected, did not specify whether the job is for the job description of a physical assistant, but said the person would be in contact with a physical-assistant company to find someone. 

The job listing, posted Monday, says the person will be “working in a full-time capacity” at an LA-based agency or nonprofit.

The listing does not specify a location.

The job posting does not state a salary.

It does say that the person is looking “for an experienced, full-stack virtual assistant who will work on the client side and help them navigate their day-to-day operations, as well as help manage and manage their infrastructure.”

The listing does say the person’s responsibilities will include “team-building, communication, customer support, web development, data and analytics, web hosting, web analytics, digital marketing, web design, social media management, and customer experience management.”

The person’s name, the name and phone number are also marked “private.”

The job posting for the position does not say when it will be open or how many positions it will offer.

The job description, which lists an annual salary of $14 an hour, states the position requires “experience working with clients on all aspects of their business and the ability to manage and delegate tasks.”

It also says the job involves “organizing and managing multiple teams and multiple departments and workflows.”

The hiring of a virtual-assistance employee, a professional who helps with daily operations of businesses, is not new.

In recent years, the practice has expanded, as companies have been required to provide more help for workers who are in remote positions.

A virtual-service-industry company, called VirtualAssistant, has been offering virtual assistants to businesses for years, offering hourly pay that ranges from $10 to $15 an hour with bonuses.

In some cases, virtual assistants are paid by a third party such as a contractor.

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