Computer Science Job Seekers Are Fearing a ‘Big Scam’

Computer Science jobs have been flooded with resumes and applications, but many are concerned that they will not be able to land their next job, The Telegraph reported.

The tech industry has been flooded in recent months with hundreds of resumes, and many are desperate for jobs.

According to job site CareerBuilder, more than 300,000 job postings have been submitted, while more than half a million job seekers have submitted their resume.

Jobseekers have been posting hundreds of thousands of resumes each month, and CareerBuilder estimates that nearly 2.5 million people have applied for jobs in the tech industry.

But for many jobseekers, the demand for their skills is too great.

“People are asking for [computer science] because they’re looking for something else,” said David Wrenn, a software developer and IT consultant in Washington DC.

Wrenn said that many people are seeking the same job that they did at their previous company, and that he often sees resumes from people who applied in the same position.

“I think it’s more of a crapshoot than a competition,” Wrenk said.

“There are just a lot of people that want it, but it’s just hard to find.”

Computer Science job seekers are concerned they will never land their dream job, according to

“The numbers have been crazy.

They’re getting desperate,” said Danielle DeMello, a computer science teacher in San Francisco.

DeMello told the publication that she had heard people say that they are desperate because they have been laid off.

“Some of the people that have been working for years have gotten laid off, and some people have gotten fired,” she said.

But others are more optimistic.

“A lot of those jobs are going to be open for the next three to five years, and we’re not going to see a huge decrease,” said Kristina Johnson, a student and a member of the computer science department at San Francisco State University.

Johnson said that she thinks the industry has become too competitive, and she thinks it’s a good time for new graduates to enter the field.

“When you’re in school you’re doing the same things, but now you’re just going to have a lot more competition for jobs,” she told The Washington Post.

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